Tuesday, 23 April 2013

beauty of babies

Babies  are   important  part  of   our  life  they  are  little   angels    of  our   world   because   hey   are    too  much   innocents  &   their   little    mischiefs  cause   the   smiling   of   everyone   they  always  speak  truth   so  please   do  not  hurt  them   and   do  not   lost   them  and   understand  them  what   they   want.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

beauty of smile

smile  is  a  great  gift  of  God  we   should  keep  smile  on  our   face   and  meet   the   other   with   great  smile   because  smile is   our   great   quality   in   our   personalty   if   we   skip   our tenshions  so   we   should   face  all  the troubles  and  pains   with  smile  my   message   for   all   people  keep  smile  and   be   happy  do  not  lose  the   beauty  of   smile.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

beauty of rose

everyone  in   this   world   have   a   great   love   with   flowers    because    flowers   are   very    beautiful    way   of   express   every    relation   weather   love  friendship    peace   even that  hate  but   rose   is   a  king   of   all    flowers   because  rose   is    symbol   of   love   and   happiness  everyone   know   the  beauty  of  rose.

beauty of hijab

Friday, 12 April 2013

beauty of clouds

beauty of seashells

beauty of pakistani deserts

we   do  not  consider the  the  desert  a  most  important  part  of   the   beauty  because  deserts   life  has  too  much  difficult   but   we   should  appreciate   there   people  because  they  live  or   survive   there   at   any   cost   or  any   condition    in   case of   shortage   of   water   or   food  and  do  not   ready  to  kneel  dawn  at   any   situation  and   face   all  the  troubles  with   great  Patience.

beauty of island

Thursday, 11 April 2013

beauty of butterfly

butterfly  is  a  most  innocent  and  senstive  creation  of  God like  a   girl.